Friday, 5 October 2007

New Toyota Vios launch...oops! I meant preview in Malaysia

UMW Toyota (UMWT) has unveiled the new Vios to the Malaysian media yesterday.
Indicative prices (OTR with insurance) are as follow:
Toyota Vios 1.5S – RM88,600
Toyota Vios 1.5G – RM85,300
Toyota Vios 1.5E - RM78,900

The proven (but rather gruffy) 1.5L engine plus its 4-speed auto transmission is carried over from the first generation (bargain-basement Soluna not taken into account) Vios.

Public preview of the new Vios continues today (5th October) at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 5pm to 10pm.

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*Thanks to Paul Tan for the picture above.
His blog report on the new Vios media preview here:

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BMW.Toyota said...

I absolutely love the frontal design! I am gonna get one... until I can afford a Camry.

drlong said...,

So when you getting your new Vios?
1.5G or 1.5S?
Yep, the current Camry is a nice mid-size exec but the waiting list is getting from absurd to ridiculous!

BMW.Toyota said...

Haven't decided yet. Don't really like the spoiler for the 1.5S but the black themed seats are great for a family with 2 messy kids like mine. We'll see....