Wednesday, 3 October 2007

W204 C200K prices in Malaysia confirmed below RM260k!

First and foremost, my sincere apologies for the long silence. Been really busy with clinical work and some pressing engagements plus appointments over the past one week.

To kick start blog postings again, we have here a welcoming piece of news that the new C200 Kompressor is retailing at RM248,888 for the Elegance and RM258,888 for the Avantgarde (top-spec). All prices are on-the-road without insurance.

Total bookings would have crossed the 1,000 mark now by the time you read this. DaimlerChrysler Malaysia (soon-to-be renamed Mercedes-Benz Malaysia) will officially launch the W204 early next month and there will be permanent showroom display car at its M-B dealers thereafter (hopefully!). The recent "C-For Yourself" preview were more like an 'Amazing Race' event with Merc fans and wannabe-owners chasing a single (or two) unit(s) of C200K Elegance over the few showrooms in Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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After a closer look at the specs comparison, the W204 C200K Avantgarde actually loses both electric folding for wing mirrors and auto dimming function of both internal and right side rear view mirror. In exchange for that BIG-Star grille and fussier-looking (read: less attractive IMHO) multi-spoke (similar-sized) 17" alloys! Having said that, the sporty Avantgarde grille is indeed much sleeker and more attractive while the Elegance grille has a closing defect at its top border where it meets with the hood. This problem might have been compounded by the fact that the trademark 'radiator' grille is no longer cradled by the hood but fixed to the bumper of the new W204.

Both Elegance and Avantgarde C200K have same suspension/dampers set-up i.e. Agility Control. There is no SPORT setting in this CKD (DCM) C200K Avantgarde. Only in the upcoming C230 (2.5L) V6 you get 'Dynamic Handling' aka Advanced Agility package. Highlights of which include 15mm lowered sports suspension with that extra 'Sport' button on the dash, which claims to sharpen throttle response as well.

The W204 C230 V6 is due sometime Q2 2008. It will only be available in Avantgarde trim with pricing estimated to be RM288k to RM298k.


crispy said...

that sounds good if the C200 avantgarde will be available at launch too!

any news on when the C230 will be available? hopefully at launch too

drlong said...

Hi crispy,

Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been able to access 'Comment' section of Blogger until now.

I have answered your 2nd question in my update of the post.
To your 1st query, I believe the Avantgarde-spec C200K will make its debut at DCM official launch in November, since the official price has since been announced.

James Wong said...

Elegance hood has defects? Has Mercedes Benz fixed it?

drlong said...

Hi James,

It's just a gaping visual "defect", not a real mechanical one per se.