Thursday, 18 October 2007

2008 All-New Nissan GT-R

By Dr Long

One of the most celebrated showcar at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show 2007 will be a new super sportscar from Nissan, the all-new GT-R, successor to its notoriously-wicked Skyline R34 GT-R. Nissan’s new PM platform - which is shared with the current 350Z – has been modified to underpin the 2008 GT-R.

Powered by a 3.8L V6 petrol engine – developed from Nissan’s VQ family – blown by two (ceramic-vanes) turbochargers, the GT-R has a rated power output of 473hp @ 6400 rpm while peak torque is 587Nm, on tap from 3200rpm all the way 5200 rpm. Such brutal torque and horsepower are able to blast the new GT-R from standstill to100km/h in 3.5secs, on the way to a Vmax of 310km/h! I really wonder how JDM (Japan Domestic Models) GT-Rs will wear speedometer topping out at 180km/h…heck! Even my wife’s Colt Turbo Ralliart maxes out at just sub-180km/h in no time!

In keeping with GT-R’s tradition, the 2008 replacement model also sports permanent all-wheel drive (AWD). Nissan engineers claims a 50:50 torque split by its active AWD system at drive off, up till speed of 40km/h. Thereafter, under normal driving conditions, torque distribution is 40:60 front/rear. In extreme cases e.g. under hard acceleration, almost all torque can be shunted to the rear axle, in a ratio of 2:98 front/rear. To make sure the GT-R stay planted on the tarmac, it is fitted standard with adjustable Bilstein (Damptronic) shock absorbers with three settings: Comfort, Sports and Racing.

Dual-clutch six-speed automatic gearbox (ala Audi/VW’s DSG and Mitsubishi’s SST) takes care of the massive torque/power transmission. There will be no GT-R with a manual gearbox, at least not yet in the near future.

Expect this super sportscar from Nissan to be in the region of RM500,000 (at the very least), if at all it will be available - brand-new of course - through one of the parallel importer in Malaysia. I know many of you might have your eyeballs nearly popped-out upon reading this, but hey! we are talking about Porsche 911 Turbo (997) performance levels here. Just as a yardstick, current reconditioned R34 GT-R V-Spec II are going for RM275k to RM300k, and I hope to be testing one that belongs to an associate...hopefully soon.

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