Saturday, 24 January 2009

VW BlueRoadster Concept 2.0TDI

Click on all images to enlargeComing across more like a Honda S2000 successor than a Volkswagen (imagine swapping the 'VW' emblem for one of that framed 'H'), the BlueRoadster Concept 2.0TDI is looking very sleek, modern and sporty.

The beauty of this roadster - and rarity for a modern VW - is its mid-engined layout and rear-wheel drivetrain. Powered by VW's 2.0litre turbodiesel pushing 180ps and 350Nm of max torque, the drop-top needs only 6.6secs to zip from 0 - 100km/h, on the way to a Vmax of 226km/h.

All these being achieved with frugality of a diesel powerplant returning 4.3l/100km, part of the fuel efficiency being aided by VW's superb 6-speed DSG gearbox.

Nothing official from VW at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show whether this will make it to showroom, but For Wheels reckon perhaps sometime in say, 2010? The concept shown above looks very much production ready, save for the dashboard and centre dash console. "Das Auto" it will be indeed if this does come true!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Peugeot 308 promo trucks spotted on highways

In a refreshing departure from the usual black-masking-taped vehicular spy shots, Nasim has been very bold with the 308 emblem of its upcoming Pug C-segment hatch. Estimated to be priced circa RM90k for the base version 308VTi 5-door hatch.
The new 308 will be launched on 29th January 2009 by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister (and Prime Minister to-be), YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak at 8.30am. Official details to follow only thereafter...

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

2010 W212 E-Class: E200 CGI and E250 CGI gets direct injection and turbocharging...finally!

Leaked scanned brochure images of Daimler AG's upcoming and all-important 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class are already splurged in the blogosphere. Here are some powertrain details for our Malaysian market siginificant petrol-powered E200 model(s), expected to be launched sometime Q4 2009.

Badged E200 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY and E250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY, both these variants will be powered by that familiar 1796cc four-pot from M-B. However - in two different states of tune - these new E200 and E250 are capable of 181hp/270Nm and 201hp/310Nm respectively! Output figures that mirrors the current and outgoing W211 E200K and E230 (2.5 V6) quite closely, which the new E200 CGI and E250 CGI plans probably replace. It remains to be seen if the W212 will have an E280 with an improved direct-injection 3.0V6 (M272) N/A engine.

While it is clear that CGI denotes direct gasoline injection in Merc speak, it hasn't been confirmed (not at least from the German language brochure) that these new E-Classes boast a turbocharger in place of the clunky Kompressor, though the rather low-end fat torque delivery (which stays flat!) of 270Nm from 1,800 - 4200rpm and 310Nm from 2,000 - 4500 rpm arouse suspicions of turbodiesel technology, applied to Benz's trusty and frugal 1.8L petrol motor of course! Remember that 1.8L Mercedes-Benz DiesOtto engine capable of 238hp and 400Nm in that M-B F700 Concept?

Claimed performance figures are century sprint of 8.7secs and 7.9secs for the W212 E200 CGI and E250 CGI respectively while Vmax are 235km/h and 245 km/h.

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Monday, 5 January 2009

Nissan Grand Livina gets tuned by IMPUL

Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) introduced their new Nissan GRAND LIVINA Tuned By Impul. Today’s launch marks the world debut of the only GRAND LIVINA to be tuned by a world renowned Japanese motorsports and specialist Nissan tuning expert, Impul Motor Racing Development.

With the exception of the alloy wheels, all Impul GRAND LIVINA parts are produced in Malaysia. Quality and reliability of these parts are assured with the appropriate cost competitiveness for consideration to be exported to other ASEAN markets, China and South America at a later stage.

“The GRAND LIVINA Tuned By Impul is developed for the many young and dynamic families in our society who seek the versatility of the GRAND LIVINA’s 7-seater capability in combination with a distinctive look and sports tuned performance, which are trademarks of Impul Motor Racing from its rich motorsports heritage”, said Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd.

The Impul parts fitted onto this all new GRAND LIVINA variant are:

  1. IMPUL Complete Aerokit

The complete aerokit exudes visual drama and dynamic presence with its front grille, front and rear bumper spoiler, side skirts and the Impul trademark rear wing spoiler.

  1. IMPUL Sports Suspension System

The suspension system consisting of upgraded shock absorbers and springs are fine-tuned with a 25mm lowered ride height to reduce unwanted roll and pitch for optimised handling and to enrich steering feel of the Nissan Grand Livina.

  1. IMPUL Blast II Exhaust Muffler

A high quality stainless steel exhaust muffler in a polished finish and etched Impul logo tail pipe. It contributes to improve engine response with a sporty note and also complements the overall aesthetics of the exterior.

  1. 17" IMPUL AURA SX-10 Alloy Wheels with Dunlop Formula D 01 205/45 R17 Tyres

The Impul Aura SX-10 Alloy Wheels in polished finish are designed for a luxurious feel. These wheels are fabricated with the IMPUL New Super Cast process that results in a 20 to 30% weight saving in comparison to conventional processes thereby delivering the latest in wheel design technology and a commitment to higher quality and safety.

The Nissan Grand Livina Tuned By Impul version is offered at a cost of only RM10,500.00 above the standard Nissan Grand Livina.

Nissan Grand Livina Tuned By Impul variants are priced at (OTR with insurance):

1.6 MT Comfort RM95,586.00

1.6 AT Comfort RM99,386.00

1.8 AT Comfort RM108,086.00

The new Nissan Grand Livina Tuned By IMPUL can be exclusively viewed at selected Nissan showrooms nationwide and comes with a 3-year or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty.

After-market purchase for IMPUL Performance Parts will also be available to existing Nissan Grand Livina owners.