Monday, 29 October 2007

Tokyo 2007: Nissan Intima

Click on images to enlarge Nissan’s concept showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 with the most likelihood to make it to production could be the Intima. The prototype on display takes Nissan's ‘Modern Living Concept’ into a new dimension with an interior that extraordinarily blends artistic forms, materials and illumination together.

Its exterior styling matches the interior's upmarket image, with a design that combines sharp-edged lines and fluid panel surfaces. Rich elegance is conveyed though Intima's arching side character line, while its crystal-like headlights and tail lamps, grille and wheels project an image of quality and refinement.

The highlight and talking piece of the Intima concept must be the front passenger's seat that swivels approximately 80° outwards, making it more comfortably accessible. Apart from that, both rear doors are rear-hinged and open backwards, further aiding ease of ingress and egress for the rear occupants.

Perhaps this will be the all-new Nissan Teana in 2009, minus some fanciful (read: less cost-effective) gadgets?

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