Wednesday, 3 October 2007

To Ivan & Shirley: Congratulations and Best Wishes!

By Max Long

Taking a little detour from the usual "Cars" postings, I would like to 'hijack' this post to congratulate my close pal, Ivan for having got hitched by Shirley recently....and finally!

His X-Trail was really something on the highway, even my E (chaperone car) was a tad lagging to keep up, more so with another high-school pal, Kyle behind the wheel!

So here's to wishing you guys:
1) Till old age and silvery-white hair
2) Early to have kids
3) Fulfilment through the generations


Sorry, no related post here :)

1 comment:

BMW.Toyota said...

Yeah! About time these 2 tied the knot! We will wait for the 'red eggs' next....