Thursday, 18 October 2007

Toyota FT-MV = 2008 All-New Alphard?

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While luxury MPV fans in Malaysia are going ga-ga over reconditioned Alphards from Japan, fame MPV maker Toyota, plan to reveal a 6-seater super-luxury, super-size people mover in the form of FT-MV at next week's Tokyo Motor Show 2007.

As evident from images of its interior, Toyota is going all out to create a luxurious, airy and comfy ambience with electric-reclining, thick-padding, leather massager chairs (think: Osim and the likes) for the second row occupants. Ambient lighting and wide screen LCD monitors for each passenger helps in creating that 1st class ambience of an inter-continenental flight!

The FT-MV sports softer curves and less edgy lines in contrast to the current Alphard, making it less slab-sided, if it does indeed turn out to be the next generation Toyota Alphard.


BMW.Toyota said...

I must say the FT-MV looks like a really technological advanced MPV. Styling does have some resemblance to the current Alphard, maybe due to it's boxy and muscular lines.

Haziq said...

Anyone know how much the price for this?