Monday, 10 September 2007

All-New Toyota Vios Prices 'Leaked' ahead of Launch in Malaysia

As with most new blockbuster launches from UMW Toyota in Malaysia, prices will be known (estimated) to the car buying public a month or two prior to official launch. The upcoming 2nd(Thai and Singapore markets-only 1st gen Soluna not taken into account) generation Vios is no exception.

Here are the indicative prices (OTR inclusive of insurance):
Vios 1.5S - RM88,600
Vios 1.5G - RM85,300
Vios 1.5E - RM79,200

Apparently, there will be no 1.5J spec Vios for the meantime...only by next year perhaps?

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supporter of Toyota said...

the price must b arrange 2 below RM70K but not change 1.5l to 1.3l.

supporter of Toyota said...

the price must b about RM60K++ - RM70K++ ok la... if not my family sure not agree me 2 buy it..

drlong said...

There is hope for a super entry-level 1.5J next don't despair yet dude!