Tuesday, 4 September 2007

2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

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Stationwagon or estate version has always been about versatility and space. The new W204 C-Class Estate is no exception. Luggage space is a respectable 485litre with rear bench upright while a maximum of 1500litres is available for extreme load lugging, with all back seats folded down.

Powerplants offered will be the same as the C-Class Sedan, with the usual 4-cylinder Kompressor and V6 petrol, as well as CDI (turbodiesels). The top-of-the-bunch will be the 2008 C63 AMG Estate which will house the AMG hand-built V8 engine with 457hp.

European sales will begin sometime mid-September following its debut at Frankfurt International Motor Show 2007. Don’t expect to see this new C-Class variant in Malaysia anytime soon since estates are not popularly accepted by our motoring public. That said, we may see an occasional grey/ reconditioned import in say, maybe 2010 or thereafter.

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