Wednesday, 4 April 2007

All-New 2007 Toyota VIOS: Below RM70k?

By Dr Long

A lower-grade (truly entry-level) all-new VIOS variant is reportedly (source: The Edge Daily) being planned by UMW Toyota for greater market appeal and expand sales for 2007 in Malaysia. Estimated to be priced just under RM70,000, this will be another Avanza-like hit sequel for UMWT.

Expect very basic kit for this super-budget 1.5L Japanese branded sub-compact sedan with steel rims, zero chrome garnish (both inside and out), manual folding mirrors, basic instruments and likely without even a single airbag or ABS. Possibly there would be a continuation of two variants - of this 2nd gen Vios - soon in Malaysia. Therefore, it remains uncertain whether the 1.5E model will be discontinued, since the top-trim 1.5G will surely remain.

Rumours are also going around that this ‘J’ model may be a 1.3VVTi version utilizing the same engine as the Perodua Myvi! If this turns out to be true, this lower capacity VIOS could be equip with a manual tranny.

In Thailand, all 3rd gen VIOS variants have standard ABS, even for the entry-level 1.5J, but without any airbag. Meanwhile in Singapore, the VIOS 1.5E has twin airbags while the 1.5J make do with only a driver's airbag.

So it’s a juggling act for UMWT to choose – for the upcoming sub-RM70k VIOS 1.5J - between a single airbag or ABS or discard interest of costs and profitability!

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BMW.Toyota said...

Omigosh! With a sub-70K Vios, sales for Waja, City, Getz, Swift and most other cars in this price bracket or class will definitely decline. Toyota has a winner here again!

supporter of Toyota said...

totally agree the price reduce 2 below RM70K! but wish after reduce the price, 1.5l would not change 2 1.3l..