Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Toyota VIOS at Bangkok Motor Show 2007

By Dr Long

For Wheels was there at the just concluded Bangkok International Motor Show 2007.
Local pricing of the new Vios ranges from Thai baht 509,000 to 699,000.
Here are some images of the most 'significant' new model launch at the annual Bangkok motoring event:

A common after-market conversion look to be 'dressed-up' by Malaysian Toyota owners for upcoming new VIOSes in the not too distant future: TRD VIOS as pictured here.

Over here in Malaysia, the all-new Toyota VIOS is expected from UMW Toyota sometime Q4 2007.


BMW.Toyota said...

Can't wait for UMWT launch of this Vios. I'm really curious to find out what are the specs will be available. DrLong, thanks for those fantastic pixs. Your Nikon DSLR is really put to good use here.

drlong said...

Hi bmw.toyota,
Glad you enjoyed those pix dude!
More images will be uploaded soon...but I've been really busy of late.
More importantly, you should be curious about UMWT's new VIOS price...ha ha!
Cheers ;)