Monday, 17 September 2007

Mercedes-Benz F 700 Concept: The next S-Class?

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Mercedes-Benz redefines the idea of effortless, superior refinement with its F 700 research car. This concept for a future luxurious touring sedan demonstrates how outstanding riding quality can be combined with high levels of environmental friendliness and good performance with exceptionally low fuel consumption.

The modern and super-efficient DIESOTTO powerplant introduced in the F 700 - a direct injection turbocharged four-cylinder with a displacement of only 1.8L - combines the strong points of the low-emission gasoline engine with the consumption benefits of the diesel engine. Its CO2 emissions of a mere 127g/km correspond to consumption of 53.3 mpg (UK gallon), extremely low for a vehicle the size of an S-Class.

Thus, the 5.17m long F 700 with its innovative and very spacious interior design enables an entirely new and exceedingly comfortable mode of travel. The F 700 is the world’s first car that can anticipatively recognise the condition of the road and level out the uneven spots with its active PRE-SCAN suspension, further improving suspension comfort substantially.

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