Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Fifth Gear Twin Tests: Audi S5 vs BMW 335i


Chun Hung said...
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Chun Hung said...

Both cars posted virtually the same lap times, but as most magazines have pointed out, the S5 will outpace the 335i by a significant margin in real world roads due to the superior traction of 4WD. Frankly, although the 335i will hang out its tail around corners more than the S5, how many of its owners will be able to do that without ending up in the ditch?

drlong said...

You've got a point there. I have driven the new 335i and found the chassis balance to be very affable...with RWD, great steering et al. Haven't driven an S5 yet (of course!)

In Malaysia, this BMW E92 would have the S5 licked for it's engine capacity:grunt ratio and likely for its selling price too, if at all local distributor, Euromobil makes the Audi S5 available. That said, the quattro driveline will give it the extra edge - but just that somewhat little more, especially in the real world with novice driving skills - on street roads - I reckoned.