Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Brabus 30th Anniversary

On occasion of its 30th anniversary, BRABUS will present an automotive ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing” at the Frankfurt International Auto Show IAA 2007. Rumoured to be a tuned-up W204 C-Class, this will be the fastest vehicle in its segment. The debut will be accompanied by the launch of the newly designed BRABUS website at

Bodo Buschmann founded BRABUS back in 1977. 30 years later, BRABUS is the world’s largest independent automobile tuner. It is considered a car manufacturer by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registration Agency (Kraftfahrtbundesamt). What started back in 1984 with a Mercedes 190 equipped with a V8 engine, led eventually to the BRABUS E V12 that in 1996 set a new world record for fastest street-legal sedan in the Guinness Book of World Records with a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph). Today that same record is held by the BRABUS ROCKET with a top speed of 365.7 km/h (227.2 mph).

The idea of dropping an immensely powerful engine into the engine bay of a sedan with almost indiscernible exterior modifications now reaches its latest pinnacle with the debut of a new ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ The latest BRABUS special model based on the latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class delivers performance that only a very few of the world’s super sports cars can match.

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Since 1997 some ten million auto enthusiasts have visited the continually updated BRABUS website. Now a completely redesigned website goes online at Users can find loads of interesting information on BRABUS, its 30-year history and the extensive BRABUS product lineup. An interactive virtual tour also offers glimpses behind the scenes of the dream factory in Bottrop.

The BRABUS Art Club is another new feature of the online presence of BRABUS. For the inauguration, the club will feature a photo editing contest. Online visitors can choose from various BRABUS models and then render these models in scenery they can design. An international jury will select the best of these art works that will be presented on the new BRABUS website and winners will be awarded prizes.

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