Thursday, 16 August 2007

New Mercedes-Benz 300 SLC

German car magazine “Auto Motor und Sport” has given its readers a glimpse of how the compact supercar 300 SLC from Mercedes-Benz might look like with the two renderings here. The headlights are notably different – looking like a single (but more upright) headlamp unit from the W211 - versus Autocar ASEAN’s ameboid (like W203 C-Class' but more edgy in shape)headlights of the 300 SLC renderings in its August 2007 issue. Mercedes-Benz is reportedly having two potential design options for the 300 SLC, a retro styling inspired from the iconic 300 SL Gullwing of the 1950’s or a futuristic avant-garde look.

Codenamed R197, the SLC will share powertrains and basic platform with the next generation SL, which itself is due in 2012. In short, the SLC will use a spaceframe-based alloy construction with a front engine and rear wheel drive (FR) layout. Mercedes-Benz AMG division’s 6.2L V8 is expected under the hood, pushing around 620hp.

The 300 SLC lightweight-compact coupe (think:Cayman S) will be developed and built in-house without any collaboration with McLaren. This is in departure from the McLaren Mercedes SLR supercar.

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