Sunday, 12 August 2007

BMW Un-Joyful Event at Sapura Auto KL!

By Dr Long

Having received a call from BMW Voice that I was invited to their “BMW Joy” event – new 1-series test drive experience – either at Auto Bavaria Glenmarie or Sapura Auto KL on 11th August 2007, I was happy to oblige. The very same day I had received an invitation card from BMW Malaysia or its PR company that narrated this: “Joy is driving. Discover why the new BMW 1 series is a leader in its class when it come to swift control and cornering. Exciting activities include cruising, slalom tracks and single-lane change at up to 70km/h. Best of all, you’ll be behind the wheel.” Wow! This must be a first in the auto industry, inviting the public to a mini driving event and not the press/media", I thought to myself.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when the staffs (all 4 of them) at Sapura Auto on that fateful Saturday afternoon, kept asking me if I wanted to test drive the 118i or the 120i Sports. The event girl (by the name of Latifah) was overbearing in bugging me for my business card the moment I stepped into the showroom! When I asked her about the afternoon mini driving course (on two occasions) she repeated the questions of “Do you want a test drive sir?”. I was then introduced to another guy who had the 1-series ‘black and white’ T-shirt on, who was no less helpful. He just confirmed the fact that there is just test drive sessions for that afternoon.

Moments later, the over-attentive PR lady came back asking for my IC and driving license. 3rd person I encountered was another Sapura Auto lady who looked at my card invite and reacted blur and baffled about the cruising, slalom and lane-change driving exercises. Seeing that I was constantly pressing for an answer, another sales advisor by the name of Jenny attended to me. She offered me a test drive (again!) and acted surprised seeing the invite and my slot for 3-4pm. Something fishy must be happening, I told myself. All these staff were somewhat conspiring and acted ignorant to hide some truth, I guessed. No senior Sapura Auto manager/supervisor were seen to oversee things, just lot of white-attired event part-timers hanging around.

I wouldn’t want to describe my test drive of the 120i Sports since it was a short drive, moreover I was feeling shortchanged and being pushed around. Not having the event materialized was one thing but not being truthful about it being cancelled was truly irritating! So much for the often- heard claims that Sapura Auto being more attentive and courteous than Auto Bavaria. Had it not been another For-Wheels associate recommending that I try attending BMW Joy at Sapura Auto, I would have stick to my initial appointment at AB Glenmarie.

Leaving no stones unturned, the same colleague had found out that Sapura Auto allegedly didn’t get the KLCC parking lot (open air) booking right for our planned driving exercises. For whatever reasons, they should have been honestly forthcoming with us. Later in the day, we have found out that AB Glenmarie had a successful 1-series BMW Joy drive event at Terminal 3 of the Subang Airport. Truly an exasperating, unproductive and disappointing BMW 1-series experience for us at For-Wheels at Sapura Auto KL!


BMW.Toyota said...

OUCH! Glad I didn't take my precious time to attend.

drlong said...

Mind you, my time is pretty precious too!