Monday, 13 August 2007

BMW New 1 series - Alternative Report

Yes, we were looking forward to really test drive the newly launched 1 series here in Malaysia and in away, it was my fault. I convinced Dr Long to go try out Sapura as I heard that they were eager and more hungry to grow their BMW business here. Alas, as what you have read earlier I think Sapura bombed this time. To make matters worst they should have come forth and admitted their mis-planning and gave us an opportunity to make up for this blunder. Instead, we were just kept in the dark.

Can't really say how did Auto Bavaria's event went but if it went according to plan, thumbs up!

So ended up, we were only given a simple around the block test drive of the car. I signed up for the 3.00 - 4.00 pm slot and I was there 3 pm sharp. Had to wait till 3.50pm before my turn at the wheel. (BMW Voice, why bother registering us when I noticed it was based upon who came first in the showroom). During the wait, at about 3.30pm they started to serve some drinks and canapes/finger food. Somehow I seemed to be invisible to the waiters as they just kept passing by me without bothering to offer me anything. Not that I was hungry or thirsty but this is definitely not the way to threat your guest, right?

3rd generation RFT

Sorry for all the ranting (whew, got it off my shoulder now) but the only saving grace for that day was to at least be able to experience, the latest 3rd generation Run Flat Tires (RFT). Yes, I have been driving around on the 2nd generations for some time now and I immediately felt the VAST difference between them. Mind you, they were from the same manufacturer i.e. Pirellis eufori@ tires, 17 inches. The tires made the 120i felt very composed and comfortable at the same time. Bumps and ruts were soaked up pretty well since I was expecting a harsher ride in the 1 series, but I dare admit, it felt more pliant than the 3 series E90. To put things into better perspective, the 120i tested came with M body kits, M steering, sports seats and I believe M sports suspension. Even with this suspension, the car felt comfortable. Kudos BMW.

Hugging Sports Seats, nice

The only thing that left me a little wanting was the 2.0 liter engine. It still felt under powered for me. The price for the 120i - RM 223,800 sans insurance. Frankly speaking this is the biggest disadvantage cause you can get a really HOT hatch like the Golf GTi for RM 23,000 less. Hmm really starts to make the Golf a good "bargain" which I am sure it will out pace, out handle, out mostly everything the 120i can dish out. VW Malaysia, be prepared for more bookings ;-)

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