Tuesday, 17 April 2007

BKK International Motor Show 2007: Toyota Hybrid X

By Dr Long

One of the very few concept cars to be showcased at Bangkok International Motor Show 2007 was the Toyota Hybrid X. As the nameplate suggest, this is Toyota pushing the envelope of its Hybrid Synergy Drive further, affording motoring enthusiasts the world over a glimpse into what the next generation Prius could possibly look like.

Sporting an ever more one-box design, this concept is more aerodynamic than the current Prius, with a sharper nose, more rakish windscreen and a very sloping glass roof.

A small near-vertical rear screen blends futuristically as a tailgate, into the chunky rear end. The interior promises more space than ever and versatility too, with rear-swinging back doors (ala Mazda RX-8).

Improvements in electric power-storage technology will enable the next generation Prius to carry a lighter, compact but more powerful lithium-ion battery pack, in place of the current Ni-MH unit. Quite possibly, the next generation of Hybrids from Toyota will have the feature of plug-in charging from the home (or garage) A.C. mains.

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