Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Mercedes-Benz at BKK Motor Show 2007

By Dr Long

The Mercedes-Benz stand looked impressive and decidedly classy at the just concluded Bangkok International Motor Show 2007. However, the absence of the new W204 C-Class is disappointing for a motor show hailed as the best in South East Asia. Even a left-hand drive model would do DC AG good in terms of PR and marketing advantage. Instead, the outgoing W203 slogged on, doing its final bow at the prestigious annual motoring event.

Mercedes-Benz Thailand seemed bent on promoting the New Generation (W211 Facelift) E-Class, with a dedicated audio-visual presentation plus even an E220 CDI on display, something DaimlerChrysler Malaysia will not be remotely associated with for this new millennium, Bluetec or otherwise. Thanks to the commercial-grade Euro-1 diesel at the pumps!

Looking stately is the W221 S300L on a pedestal, expected soon in Malaysia by Q3 2007. Equally arresting is the super up-market CL500 coupe, parked just opposite the S-Class.

Kindly note the creative and precise water-jet curtain display of Mercedes-Benz model alphabets (“e” as pictured above). The three-pointed star logo was also decently projected (in tandem) to the left of the MB display stand.

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