Tuesday, 17 April 2007

2007 All-New Ford Ranger

By Dr Long

Making a centre-stage appearance at the 2007 Bangkok Motor Show’ Ford display area, is the bigger and more imposing all new Ford Ranger. The frontal visage is bolder now, with more presence, not unlike the Toyota Hilux. Its 2.5L turbodiesel engine is uprated - 143bhp @ 3,500rpm and 330Nm @ a low 1,800rpm - to wrest ‘The most powerful pick-up’ bragging tagline from the current leader in 2.5L pick-up class, the Mitsubishi Triton (in Malaysia).

For the first time in a diesel pick-up truck of “small” engine capacity, a 5-speed automatic transmission is available for the new Ranger thus enabling better driving flexibility, as well as improved fuel economy.

Rumours are that the replacement model will be launched next month over here in Malaysia. Most are guessing that the new Ford Ranger will be priced close to the Mitsubishi Triton, maybe even marginally cheaper, being a CKD (locally assembled) model.


Meras said...

interesting car model

drlong said...

The matallic-black or the zebra-striped ones? ;)

marlborocountry said...

After the new Ford Ranger TDCi arrived on Malaysian shores, the new Mazda Fighter will likely be powered by the same class-leading 2.5 liter TDCi intercooled turbodiesel mazda engine as the Ranger TDCi, making 141bhp/143PS at 3500rpm and 330Nm at 1800rpm. Look at 3 more spyshots after the jump, as well as undisguised product photos of the new Mazda Fighter sourced from Mazda Thailand.