Thursday, 19 April 2007

New SsangYong Actyon

By Dr Long

The new SsangYong SUV called Actyon is one of the other few truly new vehicles on display at the Bangkok Motor Show 2007. At 20cm shorter than its elder ugly-‘duckling’ sibling Kyron, plus a coupe-like rear profile, this reskinned model is much fresher, sportier and more desirable. It is also lighter than the Kyron – 1,870kg against 2,004kg. Wheelbase is the same for both models, so likely they are riding on the same platform, though SsangYong isn’t telling on this. Even the engine is the same as the Kyron’s, a 1998cc 4-pot common-rail turbodiesel punching out 141bhp and 310Nm. The turbocharger has been updated with an improved turbine geometry called XGT, instead of the previous VGT. The engine now is also greener now, being Euro-4 compliant (previously Euro-3). Once again, whether all these are all applicable for the Malaysian oil-burners scenario remains a big question mark, since we are pathetically still Euro-1 at the pumps!

Actyon is visibly targeted at a younger audience. The moniker is a word-play between “action” and “young or youth”. Even though categorized as a small-sized SUV, there is enough space and versatility for most sports and lifestyle activities. Performance figures should approximately be the same as the Kyron, but by weighing 130kg lighter, this new Korean SUV will likely be quicker off the block. Possibly having better agility and handling too. Practically even better mileage to every tankful of diesel as well.

Seeing the Kyron and Actyon parked side by side, both designs are quite similar, especially the side profiles. While the front share just a subtle resemblance, the butt of the Actyon is like ‘heaven and earth’ when contrasted with the sagging-bum of the Kyron.
The shapely and sharp big-eyed headlights are very modern, with a single inward-slanting grille (phew! no more double-layered grilles), drawing inspiration from the SsangYong SV-R concept. Even the creased-ribs on the shark-nosed bonnet are the same of the concept car, successfully rendering a muscular stance up front.

The rear screen is very sloping, much like a sports coupè, but the Actyon is tagged as an SUV. A little paradox here but all design elements gelled-together rather well when witnessed in the flesh, or rather metal. What remains to be seen however, is whether Competitive Supreme will launch this leaner, sleeker and more athletic looking SUV-Coupe-Crossover in Malaysia anytime soon.

Pictured above is a jacked-up SsangYong Stavic MPV, displaying its mechanical drivetrain, suspension and floorpan. While below are the equally inspiring dancers after a show routine. Last but definitely not the least are the other - more elegant - SsangYong models at the Bangkok Motor Show 2007!


BMW.Toyota said...

Ssangyong needs a new designer.. like yesterday. What's wrong eith the Actyon? IMHO, the 'teary-eyed' headlights, the impossibly bulging front, wheels which makes the car look like a monster truck.. etc.

drlong said...

Isn't it nicer than say, a Toyota RAV4 or even the New Honda CR-V? ;)
I love the menacing (and unique) shark-nosed front...grrrrr!!!