Tuesday, 29 December 2009

From Porsche Boxster to Cayman in 3 months!

This is a little hobby project I had taken up since I got my first Porsche this year. It consumed all-in-all about 3 months (and quite a sum as well!) before this end product: a hardtop coupe i.e. Cayman 2.7 look-alike. Hence the new badge! :)

Well, a little nip & tuck plus facelift did do wonders to hide better a vehicle's age, much like a person...no?
By the way, the coupe you see above may be for sale if the price is right. Hmmm...a larger displacement 911 (997 series) would be nice, in the 'evolution' of things!

Email me at forwheels@gmail.com if you're interested. (Sorry, for sale in Malaysia only)

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lowprofile said...

not bad!! looks very convincing!! :)