Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hyundai Azera/Grandeur gets updated for 2010

Hyundai Motor Co. began receiving orders today for Grandeur (Azera) facelift that offers more luxurious exterior than the preceding model and a variety of upgraded features to attain more safety and convenience.


With its design focus on a progressive concept, Grandeur Facelift is reborn with more prestigious exterior. The facelift possesses overall dynamic and luxurious image with the differentiated designs of bumper, lamp, radiator grill, muffler and etc.

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Securing the best stability in its class, all models of Grandeur Facelift are basically equipped with Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC), dual front and side curtain airbags for the event that a crash is unavoidable.


The price ranges from 27.1 million won to 28.9 million won for models with 2.4 Theta(θ) II VVT engine, from 29.8 million won to 34.0 million won for models with 2.7 Mu(μ) V6 DOHC engine and from 35.9 million won to 39.8 million won for models with 3.3 Lambda(λ) V6 DOHC engine (approximately US$23,214 to US$34,038, based on today’s currency exchange rates).

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