Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Open-Top Ponder: 2001 Porsche Boxster or new Mazda MX5?

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This is one of those shootout that was hatched out-of-the-blue following a friendly request from the guy you see above. He has been a true roadster fan - who has contemplated a Rover MGF at one point - and probably still is but is caught in a dilemma between a four dour sedan practicality (e.g. Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class) and a strictly 2-seater drop-top.

Since both of these cars are price circa RM200k, they make a nice comparo: albeit one is almost a decade old and the other one being brand new!

The Mazda is no pushover despite its diminutive 2.0L powerplant. In fact, I was truly impressed with its 50:50 weight distribution affording it superb chassis balance. Its steering is nicely quick and accurate too, having a longitudinal front engine paired with rear wheel drive. driving the iconic Mazda Miata is a revelation reminiscent much of a BMW in character. Well maybe this is where a Japanese car (thus far) gets closest to BMW in driving dynamics. the suspension and chassis strength are superb, coping up brilliantly even if you couldn't brake in time for a speed hump. No issues of bottoming out or rippling motion over bad surfaces.

I would not comment much on the Boxster 2.7 except for its superb squatting stability you get around corners and the inimitable Boxer-6 burble and howl. Anything more than that, I'd be accused of boasting about my own ride.

After doing this 'shootout', it made me wondered why I didn't go for a new MX5 instead. The 22-second 'transformer' roof's definitely more secure and provides better insulation all around since it is after all a metal hardtop. Hmmm...Then again, my red little Boxster has recently transformed into a Cayman (or a Coxster as Jeremy Clarkson calls it!) of late :)


Raymond Tan said...

Hey bro! Well written! Well done! Phew! we can see that being a car reviewer sure is tough(but enjoyable)work!But worse, you then want to change your present car! Aiyo,why did you get me to drive the MX5 for you to snap your pics??!!!The Honda Civic 2L is good but the roadster with its roof down with the Bose soundtrack blasting Pitbull's gaucho....an experience to never forget...Guys, when you still got hair, drive a roadster with the roof down to feel the 'remaining' hair blowing in the wind!!! Still, this year's current MX5 stock is sold out. So you have to wait till next year!

Raymond Tan said...

Nice pics added bro!:-D!

Raymond Tan said...

watch this video...nothing else needs to be said about the MX5...THE greatest roadster ever...


Raymond Tan said...

This video review by fifthgear is good too...must watch!


jack chen said...

o mr raymond,u r da guy interested bout da mx5...doc ask me bout da offer i got earlier dis year frm mazda....i oledi boughr a car so i turn down their offer....but i did tested da mx5 late last year....handling is superb...too bad....its abit over priced,price it at rm160k wil get more ppl buying it.still its an affordable CC....sum say its a GAY/sissy car!so i stay clear of it!