Wednesday, 7 January 2009

2010 W212 E-Class: E200 CGI and E250 CGI gets direct injection and turbocharging...finally!

Leaked scanned brochure images of Daimler AG's upcoming and all-important 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class are already splurged in the blogosphere. Here are some powertrain details for our Malaysian market siginificant petrol-powered E200 model(s), expected to be launched sometime Q4 2009.

Badged E200 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY and E250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY, both these variants will be powered by that familiar 1796cc four-pot from M-B. However - in two different states of tune - these new E200 and E250 are capable of 181hp/270Nm and 201hp/310Nm respectively! Output figures that mirrors the current and outgoing W211 E200K and E230 (2.5 V6) quite closely, which the new E200 CGI and E250 CGI plans probably replace. It remains to be seen if the W212 will have an E280 with an improved direct-injection 3.0V6 (M272) N/A engine.

While it is clear that CGI denotes direct gasoline injection in Merc speak, it hasn't been confirmed (not at least from the German language brochure) that these new E-Classes boast a turbocharger in place of the clunky Kompressor, though the rather low-end fat torque delivery (which stays flat!) of 270Nm from 1,800 - 4200rpm and 310Nm from 2,000 - 4500 rpm arouse suspicions of turbodiesel technology, applied to Benz's trusty and frugal 1.8L petrol motor of course! Remember that 1.8L Mercedes-Benz DiesOtto engine capable of 238hp and 400Nm in that M-B F700 Concept?

Claimed performance figures are century sprint of 8.7secs and 7.9secs for the W212 E200 CGI and E250 CGI respectively while Vmax are 235km/h and 245 km/h.

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BMW.Toyota said...

Design-wise, it sure looks busy. Maybe the actual car will look better or the design will grow on you eventually.