Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2009/10 Mercedes-Benz (W212) E-Class undisguised!

Spotted over at are a few of the latest leaked images of the upcoming 2009/10 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a full replacement model due for next year's Geneva debut. At the front (in E500 guise) , it appeared decently refreshed and stately - as an E-Class should rightfully be - though somewhat Lexus GS300-ish, if not for the trademark Benz grille.

The side profile cuts a swage line to be in tune with the rest of the M-B saloons i.e. the W204 C-Class and of course, the W221 S-Class.

Coming to the rear is where For Wheels reckon that Daimler AG designers lost their plot or fell asleep at their respective workstations! Or did the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software failed them? I could recall that I was awed with the new W211 when M-B refined it into something modern yet classy in 2003, versus the clunky W210. Remember that sleek W211 E-Class in 'Men In Black II'? So desirable that I eventually committed to hire purchasing one in 2006.

All hope may not be lost though, I am pretty sure it will look more convincing in the metal come Q3/Q4 2009 when launched in Malaysia. Knowing how some Conti designs do look better with age, with conditioned acceptance as we see more of them on the road. But does Mercedes-Benz have to relive its W124 era so much - applying much retro cues for the W212's butt - as it boasted returning to the E's solid-built state of the 1980s?

Will the M271 (E18) of the E200 get a turbocharger instead of the trusty but 'over-worked' Kompressor? Anyone for a brand new W212 E200T with direct fuel injection pushing higher torque and more power output?

Forget the fancy Park Assist, Panoramic Roof, Keyless Go et al, the new W212 E200 deserves both DFI/GDI plus modern turbocharging! Errr...maybe even a more flexible 7-G Tronic 'box to go with it?

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