Saturday, 24 January 2009

VW BlueRoadster Concept 2.0TDI

Click on all images to enlargeComing across more like a Honda S2000 successor than a Volkswagen (imagine swapping the 'VW' emblem for one of that framed 'H'), the BlueRoadster Concept 2.0TDI is looking very sleek, modern and sporty.

The beauty of this roadster - and rarity for a modern VW - is its mid-engined layout and rear-wheel drivetrain. Powered by VW's 2.0litre turbodiesel pushing 180ps and 350Nm of max torque, the drop-top needs only 6.6secs to zip from 0 - 100km/h, on the way to a Vmax of 226km/h.

All these being achieved with frugality of a diesel powerplant returning 4.3l/100km, part of the fuel efficiency being aided by VW's superb 6-speed DSG gearbox.

Nothing official from VW at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show whether this will make it to showroom, but For Wheels reckon perhaps sometime in say, 2010? The concept shown above looks very much production ready, save for the dashboard and centre dash console. "Das Auto" it will be indeed if this does come true!

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