Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Coming Up: Honda Jazz vs Mitsubishi Colt (Turbo) Ralliart?

"What?" Another mismatched madness you may say. Well, truth be told...the 2005 Colt Ralliart you see above was priced (at least in Wald form via USF-Hicom) at almost the same level as the new Honda Jazz 1.5 V-Grade with Modulo kit.

I reckon it makes an interesting comparo, no? Psst! Let's just not call it a shootout...


BMW.Toyota said...

It appears you have a habit of pitting Mitsubishi against Honda... Two of your favourite Japanese brands, perhaps?

drlong said... sheer coincidence?
Since you must be a Toyota fan, care to bring a Yaris into the mix? ;)