Wednesday, 24 December 2008

AC Schnitzer tuned Toyota Innova 2.0G VVTi

Spotted at a small town - down south of Kuala Lumpur - is an AC Schnitzer "tuned" Toyota Innova 2.0G. Sporting lowered coilovers, reinforced chassis, strut bars, thicker anti-roll bars, AC alloys with semi-slicks (?) and full works bodykit, this sleek and sporty Toyota people-carrier (MPV) must be sporting a remapped ECU, cold air intake et al. Possibly pushing close to 225bhp and 215Nm, in naturally aspirated form, with all its RWD glory?!?

Eat your heart out, upcoming UMWT's TRD Vios!!!

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BMW.Toyota said...

My only question is: why tune a Toyota Innova? It is not a performance car and not even a sedan. What does the improved performance in a MPV do for the driver? I am stumped!