Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New Proton Gen.2 sedan = Proton Persona?

Struggling carmaker Proton will finally launch a new sedan or rather a new body variant based on its liftback model, the Gen.2 by mid-August. It will be powered by the familiar 1.6L Campro engine. In an apparent upgrade, the engine is expected to have a new variable intake system (ala last Ford Lynx 2.0 sedan) and possibly a remapped ECU, in order to improve the much-complained lack of low-end torque and high-ish fuel consumption. The missing cam-profiling system (CPS) that lives true to the CAM-PRO-filing moniker is likely to remain …well, absent.

This booted Gen.2 will come in three trim levels i.e. Base, Medium and High-Line – with the top-spec version being available only with an auto transmission.

Poised to replace the ageing Wira sedan range, prices are indicated to be:

1.6 BaseLine (N/M) MT - RM45,350
1.6 BaseLine (N/M) AT - RM48,350
1.6 BaseLine (M) MT - RM45,800
1.6 BaseLine (M) AT - RM48,800
1.6 MediumLine (M) MT - RM49,800
1.6 MediumLine (M) AT - RM52,800
1.6 HighLine (M) AT - RM55,800

For new Proton Gen.2 sedan spy-shots, go here:

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