Tuesday, 31 July 2007

All-New W204 C200 Kompressor spotted in Malaysia!

Dubbed a Werkswagen (not to be confused with a Vee-Dub), these pictures depict a sample unit of the new W204 C-Class spotted at the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in Pekan. This maybe the earliest example to kick-start a CKD programme that could be well underway in Pahang, Malaysia. So, M-B fans can be expecting to see few CBU showroom units for a possible early launch in Sept/Oct 2007. Deliveries of CKD units, however, are only to be expected by Q1 2008.

Thanks to paultan.org automotive forum for the images. More posting details here: http://paultan.org/forum/index.php/topic,366.0.html

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crispy said...

any news on the launch pricing yet?

drlong said...

Expect the W204 C200K to be around RM260k +/- 10k for a CKD unit. This is still a guess-timate so don't place your booking yet if you want something that's less than say, RM250k...

Cheers :)

crispy said...

i'm guessing/hoping the c200k goes for rm250k, but CBU version.

hope malaysia follows singapore/australia and dont increase the price. singapore has bonus free avantgarde upgrade too, thats a good deal.