Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Future BMW 3 Series - E98?

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The E90 BMW 3-series has been around since 2005 but news and details about the next-gen model are already circulating the internet. The next model will feature styling lifted from the Concept CS. The expected release timeline will be in 2012, the next BMW 3-series will be the first of a family of BMW cars with a more recognizable face derived from the original styling of the CS.

With the new 3-series, designers will attempt to address criticisms of the current car’s awkward slightly mundane styling. These renderings, compiled using information from sources close to the project show that the new car will have a pronounced kidney-grille with the air-intakes positioned on either side of the bumper just below the headlights.

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The bonnet will sit much higher than on the current model to improve pedestrian safety, while the sides will be marked with a prominent character line and high beltline. Proportions will remain much the same as the current model but weight will be reduced thanks to the increased use of aluminum in its construction.

New options for the 2012 3-series will include hybrid variants as well as the latest version of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics. The X-Drive AWD system is likely to gain favour thanks to a redesign of the system to reduce weight, which will only increase fuel consumption by 0.5L per 100km over RWD models. Other features that may make it to production include night-vision devices, a heads-up display and radar safety systems.

Source: BMW Club Malaysia & Motor Authority

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