Friday, 13 November 2009

Andropause Rx: A Porsche to restore low testosterone?

Scientists have conducted a rather interesting study, according to an article posted at Zeintec (Zei-News) online newsletter.

A group of men were first given ownership (for a full hour) of a £75,000 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, followed by ownership (for a full hour) of a sixteen year old Toyota Camry, which definitely fell into the ‘beaten-up-family-car’ category.

Before the drive began in the Porsche, tests were conducted on saliva samples from each man and a testosterone level was noted. After the men took a drive through the country side, alone in the car with no witnesses, there was a significant increase in these levels! To take it a step further, the levels increased even MORE when the man drove through a town or city where there were plenty of female onlookers to fluff their tail feathers for.

BUT when the man took an hour drive in the Toyota, there was no increase in their testosterone levels and sadly, some men even showed a slight decrease!

For a man, owning a Porsche would be the equivalent of having the brightest feathers amongst your peacock rivals! It is common knowledge that a low testosterone level in a man can lead to a decrease in health; bad moods, sleep difficulty, putting on weight and a low sex drive...So the conclusion we come to: driving a Porsche is great for your health!


Raymond Tan said...

Yeah...the toyota is for when you don't want to feel(or can't feel) like a man anymore. At the twilight of your life when the only thing that matters is whether the pampers you are wearing doesn't give you the itch or rash...sometimes at this point, you can't even feel the itch anymore!Then, you get a toyota and ride off into ...oblivion.

jack chen said...

yeah rite....i need to get a german sportcars fr more sex wif hot looking babes n not fat looking 1s im getting now wif my c230 doc!

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