Saturday, 8 December 2007

BMW 335i with DINAN remapped ECU

BMW's high performance 335i coupe (E92) gets tweaked by tuner Dinan, by way of ECU reflashing upgrade. Throttle response is further sharpened (as if the stock standard one isn’t responsive enough!) with horsepower hiked to a loftier 384hp (from standard 306hp) at 5700 rpm while torque is a wrench-bending 570Nm at 4300rpm! For just the ECU remap job, you need to fork out USD$1,999 – but that’s the main mod in order to extract the IL6 twin turbo’s higher potential. However, with the turbocharged 6-pot running much hotter, an additional oil cooler is warranted, which will further add cost to the upgrade.

For Wheels’ associate Dan who had sampled a PROcede modded BMW 335i with about 350hp (the owner requested anonymity) said it was bloody wicked and deceptively rapid. While the PROcede conversion nulls and void BMW’s original warranty, the Dinan guys (at least over in the U.S.) claim to be able to offer a warranty that parallels the original manufacturer’s.

Watch out BMW (E92) M3!

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Dose BMW said...

The warranty for the Dinan download is void if you don't have an oil cooler. Dinan offers a very nice oil cooler package for the cars that did not come with one stock. The Dinan oil cooler is much larger and will keep the oil temp under control even in track conditions. I am hoping to have pictures of one installed shorty on my website