Tuesday, 11 December 2007

2009 VW Golf GTI 2.0 to have TSI twin charging?

Sketchy details are being posted online over at AutoExpress, revealing that the Mk6 Golf will be due for Geneva or Paris next year, with showroom sales slated for 2009.

The larger and reskinned Golf - rumoured to be using a modified Mk5 platform - will have engine options starting from the usual 1.4 TSI all the way to the 3.2 V6 of the R32 with 4-Motion, with some turbodiesels for the European market mostly.

For Wheels is curious whether the new simplified multi-link rear suspension for the 6th generation Golf will work just as well as the Mk5's (expensive and time-consuming assembly) rear suspension that rides and handles so beautifully.

The other point is that will the Mk6 Golf GTI have a twin charged 2.0 4-pot that pushes beyond the boundaries of 200bhp/280Nm?

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Esmail said...

it sounds good, i love the gti, but not so happy about the outside design :(