Tuesday, 15 May 2007

2008 All-New Honda Accord Sedan

MotorTrend.com has reported that the all-new 8th generation Honda Accord will make its U.S. debut sometime August 2007.
Clearer and larger full-sized spy photos can be viewed at:

As compared to the spy pictures above, a lot of the design cues of the sedan can be traced to the Accord coupe as pictured below:

As expected, there are no indications whether this model will replace the current 7th gen Accord in Malaysia. However, from the trends observed for the 6th and 7th gen Accords, it is likely that this US model will be the next successor for the current facelifted Accord locally. The pertinent question now is when...H2 2008 or early 2009?

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Shoughun said...

The 2nd Gen Legend is an awesome looking car, especially this coupe. I had the honor of owning one for a year with the 3.2L V6 6 speed manual. That was before Honda cars got bloated….c/o the American market. What is so insulting to say a Honda ends up looking like a Hyundai? Its a competitive field out there, eventually everyone ends up looking like each other. there are only so many ways you can design a Honda headlights, grille, and some of its exterior. What I was trying to say was Hyundai started off copying Honda designs but there are so many accusing Honda of looking like Hyundai now, forgetting who’s copying who. It’s like accusing Macintosh of looking like Windows Vista. Or saying that the new RAV4 looks like a Cherry.