Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Porsche Club Malaysia Melaka Drive May 2010

Porsche Club Malaysia (PCM) has had a successful drive to Melaka's MIMC Go-Kart track on 8th May 2010. With well over 40 cars and overwhelming participation in a track drive clinic on that Saturday. With the obligatory cornering lines, brake-and-steer, trail braking etc exercises resulting useful driving pointers being given to our fellow club members.

A time attack session was held and the winner was Chan Kien Seng in his limited Sport Edition black Cayman S (manual 6 -speed) proving once again that a mid-engined coupe - though less powerful - can be superior to the iconic rear-engined Porsche 911s. Nevertheless, the runner-up was a manic Porsche (996) GT2 on semi-slicks driven by Garry Adam - just 2 secs behind the winning Cayman S bearing registration number: "WHY 911". A very thought provoking registration plate don't you think?

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lowprofile said...

nice!! should have taken side view picture of your car and a cayman so we can see the conversion with the ori together.