Monday, 18 January 2010

All-new Porsche Cayenne coming soon...

With only a few months to launch, the new Porsche Cayenne is creating an excited stir amongst Porsche fans. It is faster and smaller and judging by its specs, it packs a good punch.

It's sporty look and shorter over hangs as well as the very Panamera-esque taillights are some of the visual features that set this new Cayenne apart from the first generation Cayenne.

Another change that will be noticeable only once you have taken this Porsche for a drive is the weight, set to be lighter than the previous model despite the fact that the car will be keeping its petrol V8 engine, with an updated tune of course.

The V6 is going to be the supercharged with an Audi S4 derived direct fuel injection engine.
Porsche is also releasing an improved Diesel V6. It is expected that the 2nd generation Cayenne - and possibly the last since VW's board has axed this model from future Porsche line-up thereafter - will also have a Hybrid and the PDK, with flappy paddle shifters.

Source: Zeinews

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lowprofile said...

have always loved the cayenne. the gts has been my favourite version for a long time.

no doubt, the new cayanne will be much better than the current car.