Tuesday, 30 September 2008

VW Golf GTI Mk6 Concept

The latest images released by Volkswagen of its pinnacle GTI variant from the Mk6 Golf range is the GTI Concept. Looking every bit production ready, the iconic sports hatch successor for 2009 model year adopts a frontal visage not unlike the Golf Mk5 GTI W12 Concept. Yes! The 2009 Mk6 Golf GTI will dump the goateed grille look (ala Audi's Novulari style) for a slim horizontal honey-comb grille, highlighted by twin parallel red stripes flanking the large central VW emblem.

The question mark remains over its uprated power output of 210bhp and (?)350Nm or maintaining 280Nm(?) from the award-winning 2.0TFSI engine. Rumour has it that the Mk6 GTI may even have the option of VAG's new 7-speed DSG twin-clutch automated manual gearbox, not to be confused with the Golf (1.4TSI) GT's simpler, lighter and more compact 7-speed DSG 'box.

The Mk6 GTI is said to have variable damping suspension, much like the new Audi A4 (B8) whereby the driver gets to select between Auto, Comfort and Dynamic (Sport) setting. These variable drive settings will also affect throttle response, gear shifts and steering feel (weight).

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