Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Previewed: New BMW X6 xDrive35i at Destination M event in Malaysia

Story and pics: Dr Long

Click on images to enlargeWhat you see here is among the first few (right hand drive) X6 - the new Sport Activity Coupe (SAC) from BMW - to be available officially in Malaysia. In its xDrive35i form, the X6 asking price is about RM720,000 (excluding insurance) and sports the same twin turbo in-line 6 found in the 335i coupe. Expect slower performance figures from the sleek SUV Coupe though, with the extra bulk/mass and power-sapping permanent AWD likely blunting acceleration and Vmax somewhat. By the way, it sits only four despite its size, with ingress and egress is a little pain for the rear passengers, as experienced by the writer.

You can place your orders in advance with Auto Bavaria or any other of the BMW Malaysia dealers now. Booking fee is a cool RM20k :)

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BMW.Toyota said...

BMW sure makes dream machines.... If only I am super-rich.... sigh!