Thursday, 24 April 2008

Perodua Nautica 4WD to be Kembara's imported successor model?

Perodua has announced that its upcoming SUV will be named Nautica, with permanent 4WD. This new vehicle, based on the Daihatsu Terios (think: Toyota Rush with short wheelbase) is expected sometime May 2008. To be positioned as a somewhat premium compact SUV - first for a Perodua - the Nautica will have a 1.5L DVVT (VVTi) engine and standard 4-speed automatic transmission. Indicative price is circa RM90k - RM95k as a fully imported (CBU) model from Japan, wearing a Perodua badge! The Nautica will come in colour choices of either Medallion Grey or Majestic Black. Those interested can place advance bookings at Perodua showrooms nationwide, from May 10 onwards.

The Daihatsu Terios on which the Perodua Nautica will likely be based upon.


BMW.Toyota said...

I wonder which customer segment P2 are targeting. It's the same car as Toyota Rush and at similiar pricing. I will buy the Rush which wears the 'T' badge over a P2 which has less appeal, value etc.

And where does this leave P2, a so-called 'local' auto manufacturer enjoying tax reliefs and such? What a weird development!

For said...

Suddenly makes the Indonesian-sourced CBU - bigger plus 7 seater - Toyota Rush looks like a bargain, eh?

You get the INTENDED drift now,

BMW.Toyota said...

Yes! I see where this is going now. P2 was never serious in replacing the Kembara. It was all a strategy to boost the not-so-well-received Rush. Thanks for the tip, for.

AutoIndustrie said...

I highly doubt the Nautica was introduced to boost up image of the Rush.

Even though Perodua and Toyota are somewhat related, both have their own bottom lines to protect. Doesn't make sense to invest in after-sales support, parts, training, launch etc etc to boost sales of Rush.

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For said...

Many who have viewed the Nautica, opined that the Toyota Rush is in contrast - all of a sudden - value-for-money!

Therefore...Rush's desirability and image is indeed boosted with the Nautica 4WD intro, intentionally or otherwise!

What's a little expenses for profitable UMW group (via Perodua) to launch and promote the Nautica 4WD so as to uplift its sibling Toyota Rush's market presence?
Automotive franchise holder/distributor spends equally as much as A&P budget following a new model launch anyway.