Tuesday, 22 April 2008

All-new 8th Generation Accord in Honda showrooms now!

By Dr Long

After having hired (as in hire-purchase) three previous generations of Accord i.e. the SM4, CF9 and the 7th generation Accord, naturally I was excited to see what Honda Malaysia has to offer with its locally built (assembled) 8th gen model.

Here is a pictorial summary of what I observed at a local Honda dealer just this morning:
(Note: there was no 3.5 V6 model on display at the showroom.)

Click on all images to enlargeModulo-kitted Accord 2.4 VTi-L as tester unit. Note grille is of cleaner design and likely more desirable to many.

Side profile more expansive than 7th gen predecessor. Lines fussier but lends more solidity to form.

Headlamps curvy and large, less traingular now. Best seen in 3-D to appreciate bulging lens cover. HID (Xenon) items only for 2.4 VTi-L and 3.5 V6.

Whoever says the 8th gen Civic has taken over the Accord in terms of size, presence and prestige?

16" alloys for the entry-level 2.0 i-VTEC Accord. Goodyear Excellence rubber replaces NCT5.

Larger alloys (17") look more convincing on the 2.4 model now, unlike before (similar sized 16" but more cluttered design for the previous 2.4).

2.4 DOHC i-VTEC (K24A) carried over from the 7th gen Accord. Power output hiked to 180ps @ 6500rpm and torque now boosted to 222Nm @ 4300rpm.

Looking messy here is the 'new' SOHC 2.0L i-VTEC engine from the new CR-V. Power output is acceptable on-paper with figures of 156ps@ 6300rpm while torque is 189Nm @ 4300rpm. Likely tuned for economy than outright sweetness on the rev, unlike the DOHC K20A it replaces.

Full grey trim for the interior of the Accord 2.4. Leather seats standard.

Dashboard double-tiered like the 8th gen Civic but gets regular instruments cluster with twin analog dials.

Leather-wrapped gear lever with faux-metal base and fake wood surround. 5 speed A/T carried over from 7th gen Accord, standard even on the 2.0 VTi. Still truimphs over Camry 2.0's 4-speeder!

Lots of switches to play with here. Honda reputed for its tactile switches, knobs and operating stalks. No GPS Sat-Nav yet even though centre LCD panel displays A/C and audio control parameters.

Ah! Finally rear A/C vents are here. After 7 generations of skipping the Accord genome!

Chunky outer door handle in chrome looks and feels the part of an executive saloon!
Entirely different story told by the inner door opening (painted-plastic) handles though.

Boot space pear-shaped at its base. Obstrusive rear wheels and suspension humps eats up usable luggage space.

Modulo grille a worth-paying option, can be purchased singly (list price: RM920).

Two-tone with beige cloth upholstery for the 2.0 Accord. Dash top appears deceptively soft touch. NOT SO! What's happening Honda? Going back to the days of the CF9 Accord? Door opening levers made of light-weight cheapo spray-painted plastic, much like Civic. A mismatch for a sedan of this class!

Steering design a bit too Volvo-ish to me. Has Honda cured the ills of idling steering vibrations of its 7th gen Accord (more so 2.0 and 2.4 models)?

8th gen Civic or 8th gen Accord? Take your pick...

Standard spec 2.0 VTi Accord. Single tail pipe look a little lonely with the lower apron sculpted for twin.

More presence from the 8th gen Accord from this angle...no?

Confirmed prices for the all-new Accord (on-the-road with insurance) are:

2.0VTi RM141,800
2.4 VTi-L RM171,800
3.5 V6 RM249,800


BMW.Toyota said...

I need to view this at the showroom. Sometime pictures don't really paint a true picture. I believe the design needs time to grow on you much like the Civic!

lakhon said...


lakhon said...

Have just tried a new
Accord, 3.5 V6.
Is a large car now but is a relaxing car to drive around the city.The steering a little light for me but handling very good. The switch from 6 cylinders to 4/3 so smooth only know it happens when the eco light comes on on the dash.
I am a bit disappointed in the interior is heaps of room but the dash looks too much but suppose with time would get used to all the switches etc.
Getting back into my 2 litre ivtec Civic is more to my style, love the digital speedo and the dash layout, steering just weighted right and the ride very good as is the handling.
I feel the Civic is one out of the box and as yet not much really comes close overall.
The Accord is an extremely competent car but not enough for me to trade my Civic for one.
Christchurch . New Zealand.


BMW.Toyota said...

I managed to view the car during the weekend. I must say this is a good effort from Honda. Design is fresh and innovative. Consumers looking for an executive saloon now have a choice between this and the Camry.