Monday, 3 March 2008

Proton GEN.2 facelift gets real-deal CPS, VIM and IAFM

Proton Gen.2 1.6 has finally undergone a facelift along with engine"lift" featuring true variable valve timing now in the form of CPS plus VIM (Variable Intake Manifold) for its Hi-Line models. These retail for RM57,488 and RM60,488 for the manual and auto versions respectively. Power output figures are 125bhp at 6500rpm, while torque is 150Nm peaking at 4500rpm.

The Medium-Line models apart from getting just one driver's airbag also ditches CPS in favour of a simpler variable air intake manifold, dubbed IAFM by Proton. Proton claims that the infamous torque dip of its Campro circa 3000rpm is now ironed out, by way of more responsive and constant low to mid-range torque delivery. A case in point is healthier torque delivery of 139Nm at 3000rpm, versus the basic Campro 1.6L (in pre-facelift Gen.2) which only managed 128Nm of torque at the same engine rpm.

In overview, Proton's 1.6L Campro without CPS gives 110bhp at 6000rpm, along with 148Nm of torque at 4000rpm. The M-Line facelifted Gen.2 retails for RM53,488 and RM56,488 with the 5-speed manual and 4 A/T options respectively.

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