Thursday, 8 November 2007

Volkswagen Space Up!

Hot on the heels of its Up! concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen chose Tokyo 2007 to reveal the enlarged version called Space Up! Still an unfinalised concept, it's 230mm longer than the previous three-door hatchback Up!

With a longer wheelbase and larger dimensions all over, the Space Up! Offers improved packaging in a vehicle measuring just 3.68m in length. The concept also features ‘suicide’ doors and can seat four people comfortably, including two children in the integrated child seats.

Like the smaller Up!, the engine is also mounted at the rear, thereby freeing up space in the front for stowing gear while maintaining rear hatch luggage space as well. It looks like Volkswagen is really getting serious with its small, compact and affordable global car, set for world market domination. Going Up! Yes?

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