Friday, 16 November 2007

New Hyundai Accent in Malaysia

Spotted at a local shopping complex and highlighted by an avid bargain-hunter motorist who claimed it to be a better buy than the recently launched new Toyota Vios, I was piqued with curiousity regarding this new Korean offering, even though much belated coming into the Malaysian market.

Externally, the new Accent does look impressive for its class with larger-than-segment appearance. Though the integrated dual-exhausts may be a bit of an overkill it isn't as out-of-place as the dated, highly-placed side rubbing strips on the doors/flanks.

The entry-level Accent 1.4L make do with 95ps @ 6000rpm and 125Nm @ 4700rpm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, while the 1.6L with CVVT (variable valve timing) produces 112ps @ 6000rpm and 145Nm @ 4500rpm. A 4-speed automatic is standard for the Accent 1.6L CVVT.

The dashboard at least looks normal compared to the centre-skewed meter panel in the Toyota Vios, with the A/C dials appearing to be of better quality too. However, the seats are a tad skimpy in dimensions in contrast to the Toyota's B-segment leader, especially with that little-too-upright backrest plus useless twin lumps disguised as 'headrests'. To be fair, closing of all doors sounded very convincing versus most of the Thai-sourced but Japanese branded competitors.

Prices are verbally reported (by the salesperson) to be RM68k and RM73k (on-the-road with insurance) for the Accent 1.4 and 1.6 respectively. No price list flyer or even a proper colour leaflet brochure is available for the public at the roadshow.


joeysis said...

cun, cantik, murah...tapi ialah Hyundai

BMW.Toyota said...

Korean cars are a good altenative to national cars. However, be prepared for a low resale value and costly maintenance.

arbain said...
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apostrophe said...

14km/l fc for 1.4m. is it fuel efficient??

Sharnizan Sharbini said...

mane nak cari front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt, rear spoiler & grill tu? is it aftermarket or OEM?