Monday, 1 March 2010

Honda Freed to be an ambitious RM118,000 compact 1.5L MPV in Malaysia?

Right this moment, the online automotive news scene is abuzz with Honda Malaysia's latest ambitious Indonesian project worth RM115,000 to RM118,000 a piece. Well, certainly the media has 'just' known about it "as and when they were told so" - the time is ripe since we're already into month of March and soon into Q2 2010.

When this piece of expensive utter rubbish gets on the road, I shall enjoy seeing what press release that specific 'Head' of PR/Marketing will issue, following how good acceptance (blah! blah! blah!) this will be.. since the launch was such a well-kept secret allegedly by Honda Malaysia.

Anyone wants a fancy - but taller, Merc A-Class-like stationwagon - Perodua Alza-esque MPV at almost twice the price? I certainly don't see the point since the Alza EZi drives almost like a Toyota Vios.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is gonna be another niche model like the Jazz, if it's really gonna sell for 118k.

Why so expensive? Isn't it an ASEAN model?