Friday, 7 August 2009

Tested and awed: BMW 740Li (F02)

This has to be one of the most complete - nicest to drive, yet adequately comfy - car I have tested thus far as part of my NST Maybank COTY 2009 judging. It's unbelievable how nimble this car can be despite its long wheelbase presentation (F02) and that twin turbo N54B30 was just so sweet and punchy, more like a 4.0 V8, what's with 326ps and 450Nm combo propelling the rear of the new 740Li. In the process, the force-fed in-line 6 runs very hot as you almost find it impossible to unlatch the hinge latch of the hood, after having release it halfway from the inside. Ouch! it almost scalded my right index finger's pulp had it not for the extra-keratinised skin.

Watch this space for my experience with this utterly brilliant BMW, this coming from someone known as the Merc-man in the motoring circle! For a limousine that does 6.0 secs for the century sprint, quicker than a Porsche Cayman S (pre-facelift model) with Tiptronic S, it's hard not to be convinced...or is there more to this luxury saloon segment than outright grunt?

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