Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Proton Exora plays the value-buy card to the hilt!

By now, most of you motoring enthusiasts would have known that Proton's new Exora is retailing for RM69,998 and RM75,998 (metallic colours, OTR) for the M-Line and H-Line respectively. Both specs are currently available only in 4-speed auto guise. Responsibly, both M-Line and H-Line also have dual frontal SRS airbags and ABS+EBD as standard fitment.

Proton's high performance 150Nm capable Gen.2 facelift', Waja facelift' and Satria Neo CPS' engine is carried over to lug close to 1.4 tonne and the debate is still on whether this will satisfy the many young families' drivers out there.

Whatever it may be, I am impressed with the extreme value that this MPV represents. Good job Proton! Personally though, here's to wishing there's a Campro CPS LPT (light pressure turbo) in the making...meanwhile, I absolutely loved the slow-mo (dampened mechanism) opening of the lower glove box. Splendid.

Go check it out, even if you do not intend to buy one. This may just as well represents the value-buy-of-the-year...or possibly even this decade!

*pictures courtesy of (Thanks Paul!)


lowprofile said...

it's ugly and poorly made. wonder how much proton paid the media to give this car all those glowing remarks. for the price, a brand new discounted naza citra seems like a much better proposition.

drlong said...

In all fairness, the Exora is indeed a worthy effort from Proton, its drivetrain notwithstanding.
I would have whole-heartedly agree if you had mentioned the Naza Rondo instead of the ageing Citra against the Exora.
Nonetheless, you are entitled to your opinion, though the glowing remarks are far from being 'paid for'. Afterall, For Wheels - hosted on blogspot - is nothing more than an online journal, as part of my passion on cars! :)