Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On Test: 2008 Honda Jazz 1.5V Modulo

It is with the Jazz model in 2002/03 that Honda reinvented the supermini genre with unprecedented versatility, exceptional space, decent drive and desirability factor unheard of for a hatch this size. Honda upsized the Jazz in August this year with its 2nd generation in Malaysia, with an updated 1.5 i-VTEC motor plus a 5-speed auto 'box, instead of CVT.

How well this cute hatch drives is relevant to a lot of Honda fans in Malaysia, seeing the very same drivetrain will be featured in the upcoming all-new 3rd gen City sedan, due mid-December 2008. Has the new Jazz found new wind and added vigour with its 120ps powerplant? Watch this blog for a test report soon...

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BMW.Toyota said...

The Jazz is cute and overpriced.