Friday, 11 July 2008

New Audi A4 (B8) in Malaysia

The long-awaited all-new Audi A4 - codenamed B8 - is now available in Malaysia. The first model to be available is the petrol 1.8L turbocharged direct injection (Turbo FSI). Here is a pictorial account of the new A4 as displayed at the Audi Hangar, Euromobil HQ in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Looking expansive in length than the B6 and B7. Claimed to be just few inches shorter than the current A6!

Lovely and sporty dials as usual from Audi!

Engine downsized to 1.8 now, capable of maximum power output of 160bhp/250Nm of peak torque. Claimed to be 13% more fuel efficient than the B7 2.0T FSI. Front axle now sits an extra 154mm forward i.e. engine and ancillaries' weight shifted more towards the engine firewall, resulting less of 'overhang' in frontal weight distribution. Claimed to sharpen handling along with new steering gear which sits lower and closer to the front wheels.

10-spoke alloys looked classier and premium, rather than sporty.

Dash and interior top-notch in design, ergonomics, materials, fit & finish and built quality. Typical of all modern Audis.

MMI screen (unlit, in black). Leather wrapped gearknob shifts 8-virtual gears of multitronic CVT tranny.

Audi Drive Select switches just aft to gear lever surround. Driver gets a choice of Comfort, Auto and Sport settings, which adjust throttle response, operating characteristics of engine, auto transmission, steering and adaptive damping of suspension.

Sleeker profile with taut lines and return of the tug-and-pull external door handles.

Rear end lower and wider now with a more distinct duck-tail boot lip. Single exhaust for the 1.8 TFSI A4 (B8).

Contrasting with its still good-looking predecessor, the B7 (in red). Expect the more wicked 2.0 TFSI lump to be in the B8 by sometime by March/April 2009.

The new Audi A4 is fully imported and is priced at RM235,000 (OTR without insurance).

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